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Dear customer:

Thank you for your kind consideration !

          To truly achieve the service for the users, responsible for the users, the customer satisfaction , the pursuit of excellence, good faith in people, Customers-centered, the legitimate rights and interests of customers protection ,and from worries about the customers to purchase our products.Adhering to the principle of perfect after-sales service for that after -sales is not the end, but the beginning of the service , the company provided by the product quality and service commitment as follows:

          Ensure that provide the users with a good pre-sales and after-sales service. introduce  the Product performance, technical parameters and use requirements  to  the users before  they choose our company. The selection information and best selected scheme will be provided for the users to be a good staff .

          Technical guidance and training to meet the needs of users, track the quality and establish the review files. Continuously improve  the product’s performance , quality and  service in time  according to the requirements of users .

           Strictly in accordance with the contract time, ensure the quality, delivery on time, we will send professional service personnel to participate in Unpacking acceptance and guide the installation  if you need technical service.

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