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complete set of continous oil refining production line
                                       soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanunt oil

              xi’an liangyuan can provides continous oil refining production line according to raw materials and production capacity. which contains process equipments installation and commissioning. it makes the project to achieve the targets of advanced technology, rational euipments selection, standardized installation, beautiful appearance and convenicent for operation and maintenance.

complete set of continous oil refining production line
                                        automatic control system
              xi’an liangyuan can provides design, model selection, installation, commissioning and technical training of mature aotomatic control system for every production section of your enterprise. so that the enterprise can have morden management.

automatic control system of oil refining production line
              according to the request of customers, it can part or full automatic control of oil flow, steam flow, process water flow, additives flow, additive amount of bleaching clay, temperature, level, vacuum degree, inverted cans of decolorization of all aspect.

automatic measurement system for measuring oil in and out of the tank farm
               this measurement system is used in the metering  oil in & out and the  storage process. volume flowmeter with temperature compensation or mass flowmeter will be used in metering system; liquid level measurement will use radar level meter; the measuring of oil temperature will use multi point thermometer. the system can access to lan of erp system, ic card system and weighbridge system etc.

nitrogen filling storage system
               this syetem can generate and fill nitrogen into the tank that makes oil storage under the protection of nitrogen. it solve the problems of oxidation, acid value increasing and paroxide values exceed the standard when oil under conventional storage. the characteristics of the syatem are low cost and non-pollution when compared with adding antioxidant.

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